IDR 40,590,000.00


"Dazzle, designed with the banks safety standards, an ideal safe for  stores, offices, gold merchants, houses, and many other businesses."

  • The locking system is stronger than the previous model
  • More burglar resistant and more fire resistant
  • New design that is more modern and exclusive
  • Protect valuable assets from fire hazard and burglary attack using modern equipment, such as oxy-acetylenes , high-power drills and explosives.
  • Together with this loyal business partner, you can achieve a standard of comfort  for your business.

Overall door thickness of 180 mm made of solid material, including the 100 mm Sollingen Composite layer equipped with drill-resistant hardplates on the core part of the door surface.

Overall wall thickness is 105 mm, with layer of Sollingen Composite which form a unifed of the wall fire resistant and burglar resistant.

Armed with a 4-wheel combination lock (100.000.000 number variation) of international standards (USA UL, Germany VdS, and/or Europe CEN) with a spyproof lock ring. Also is equipped with an 8-lever manipulation-proof keylock and quality stainless steel lock keys.

Locking System

Solid vertical bar at both sides of the door, and 2-4 slots made of stainless steel with diameter up to 38 mm on the upper and lower sides. This system is also protected by drill-resistant hardplates and relocking mechanism that works automatically during fire hazzard, explosion and burglary attempt.

Rack & Drawer

Rack with optimal width that can be moved (adjustable) with the height of the goods to be stored. Drawer with Keylock and double-action keys, so the entire drawer can open

The hinges’ cores are made of saw-proof steel in order to provide extra security and avoid the possibility of hinges being cut-off during any safe penetration. Hinges are also equipped with a door-adjustment mechanism to ensure the smoothness of door operation and years of problem-free operation.