IDR 65,890,000.00


  • 4-way locking system, relocking, and vertical locking bar

  • Combination lock and Keylock international standards (USA/Europe)

  • Stainless steel hardware and corrosion resistant

  • Heavy duty racks with a large capacity, load up to 80 kg

  • Exclusive design with manganese luster color

  • Construction with high impact resistance and fire resistance which adopts top-of-class safe features

Overall door thickness of
145 mm made of solid material, including the 75 mm Sollingen Composite layer equipped with drill-resistant hardplates on the core part of the door surface.

Overall wall thickness is 85 mm, with layer of Sollingen Composite which form a unifed of the wall fire resistant and burglar resistant.


Armed with a 4-wheel combination lock (100.000.000 number variation) with a spyproof lock ring
and 8-lever double bit with all international standards (USA UL, Germany VdS, and/or Europe CEN) and have manipulation-proof keylock.

Locking System
Vertical locking bars on both sides of the door (Fix Bar and Sliding Bar) and 4 stainless steel bolts with a diameter of 32 mm at the top and bottom are protected by anti-drill steel plates and relocking mechanisms that work automatically in the event of fire, blasting, and forced demolition attempts.

Shelves and Drawers
Heavy duty rack with wide capacity and load up to 80 kg. rack dimensions with optimal width and adjustable distance between racks. Drawers use keylock locks and full-extention rails, so the entire contents of the drawer can be accessed easily.

The hinges cores are made of saw-proof steel in order to provide extra security and avoid the possibility of hinges being cut-off during any safe penetration and equipped with a vertical adjustment mechanism to improve the durability of the use of the vault