IDR 21,010,000.00


  • User-friendly: Easy to operate & to program.

  • Robust: Long battery life & simple mechanical reset.

  • Secure: Instant AutoLock and Penalty Lockout features.  

  • Managable: Manager & User Access. 

  • Reliable: UL-Certified & pass 2,000 cycle quality test.


Overall door thickness of 105 mm, including a 45mm Sollingen Composite layer made of fire-resistant and burglar-resistant materials.

Overall wall thickness up to 75 mm, made of inner and outter steel plates consisting Sollingen Composite solid material which form a unified solid body.

A digital lock with 6-digit code which is easy to operate and program, with long battery life and simple mechanical reset.  It also comes with the instant autolock and penalty lockout features, carried UL-certification and has passed 2,000 cycle quality test, with 10,000+ openings on a 9-volt battery and rugged stainless steel construction.  Also is equipped with a 8-lever manipulation-proof keylock and quality stainless steel lock keys.

Locking System
3-way locking bolt system: Solid vertical bar at the inner side of the door, and moving bolts made of stainless steel diameter 28mm on the other three sides of the door.

The hinges' cores are made of saw-proof steel in order to provide extra security and avoid the possibility of hinges being cut-off during any safe penetration.  Hinges are also equipped with a door-adjustment mechanism to ensure the smoothness of door operation and years of problem-free operation.