IDR 159,940,000.00


Exceeding the Limit of Security Standard: When the best safes are no longer acceptable for you, it is time for you to choose Sollingen Blockade safe.

  • It is the only solution exceeding the limits of security standard in the heavy-duty security safes.
  • Equipped with sophisticated locking technology, solid construction design with extreme thickness and extremely high fire-resistance.
  • Most suitable to be used in jewellery stores, bank head offices, insurance and security offices, government offices and housing estates to protect against fire hazzard and burglary attempts using heavy duty mechanical equipments, and even using modern tools.
 Unique Features
  • DCSS – Double Combination Sollingen System:
    A double-combination locking system (2 x 4 wheels) with 10,000 trillion number of variation.
  • ADSS – Automatic Door Sollingen System:
    Automatic door locking system with the ability to lock the door and to reset the combination number, only by touching the door.
  • AHSS – Automatic Handle Sollingen System:A handle protection system with the ability to protect the overall locking system from penetration attempt via the rotating handle
  • HDSS – Hidden Drawer Sollingen SystemA hidden drawer system to keep your valuable assets in a hidden place in the safe.
Overall door thickness of 205mm, with a special construction made of fire-resistant and burglar-resistant materials, and hardplates protecting all the critical parts.


Overall wall thickness up to 155mm made of Sollingen Composite, a material which form a unified solid body that is both fire-resistant and burglar-resistant.


Armed with 4 (four) locks with international standards (USA UL, Germany VdS, and/or Europe CEN).
The first two locks are 2 (two) 4-wheel combination locks forming the Double-Combination Sollingen System (DCSS) with 10,000 trillion number variation equipped with spyproof lock ring. The third lock is a 4-wheel combination lock (100,000,000 number variation) from the Automatic Door Sollingen System (ADSS), also equipped with spyproof lock ring. The last lock is an 8-lever manipulation-proof keylock and high-quality lock keys.

Locking System

Solid vertical bar at both sides of the door, and 4 slots of stainless steel plates with 38mm diameter on the upper and lower sides. This system is also protected by hardplates and relocking mechanism that works automatically in case of fire hazzard, explosion and burglary attempt.


A full bar hinge design with a massive 200 x 60 mm block, and a solid hinge core that is made of saw-proof steel in order to provide extra security and avoid the possibility of hinges being cut-off during any forced-penetration. Hinges are also equipped with a door-adjustment mechanism to ensure the smoothness of door operation and years of problem-free operation.


The highest class in Sollingen Blockade family with a 215mm door thickness, capacity over 1,000 litre and weight up to 3.5 ton. Masterblock has unique body construction strengthened with additional specific material for more fire-resistant and more burglar-resistant.  It is equipped with a double-door system and other specific features, making this safe owned only by a handful of selected people who understand the true meaning of security.