IDR 50,820,000.00


  • Lightweight up to 25%, ideal for multi-storey buildings

  • UL (USA) certified digital key with 2 levels of access

  • Energy-efficient interior lighting system (ULTRA BRIGHT LEDs)

  • 4-way locking system, relocking, and vertical locking bar

  • exclusive design with manganese luster color

  • stainless steel hardware and corrosion resistant

  • heavy duty racks with a large capacity, load up to 80 kg

  • proven to be reliable in protecting assets from fire hazards and forced demolition with modern equipment


Overall door thickness of 180 mm, including a 100mm layer of Sollingen Composite Lightweight which made of lightweight fire-resistant and hardplate to protect any forced penetration.

Overall wall thickness of 105 mm, made of inner and outter steel plates consisting Sollingen Composite Lightweight which lightweight fire-resistant and form a unified solid body.

Digital key lock with 2 access levels : manager code and user code (6 numbers). features instant autolock, penalty lockout and energy saving and mechanical lock is equipped with high security manipulation-proof keylock 8-lever.

Locking System
3-way locking bolt system: Solid vertical bar at the inner side of the door, and moving bolts made of stainless steel diameter 28mm on the other three sides of the door.

Shelves and Drawers
Heavy duty rack with wide capacity and load up to 80 kg. rack dimensions with optimal width and adjustable distance between racks. Drawers use keylock locks and full-extention rails, so the entire contents of the drawer can be accessed easily.

Locking System
Vertical locking bars on both sides of the door and 2-4 stainless steel bolts with a diameter of 38 mm at the top and bottom are protected by anti-drill steel plates and relocking mechanisms that work automatically in the event of fire, blasting, and forced demolition attempts.

The hinges cores are made of saw-proof steel in order to provide extra security and avoid the possibility of hinges being cut-off during any safe penetration and equipped with a vertical adjustment mechanism to improve the durability of the use of the vault

Special Features
Lighting system using ultra bright energy-efficient LEDs that illuminate the inside of the vault which also features an automatic switch, the lights will turn off when the door is closed