IDR 2,860,000.00


Attractive design, sturdy construction, better security. Through the use of stainless steel and steel construction, with a finish that is virtually maintenance-free, Sollingen SDB (safe deposit boxes) offers an attractive and economical modular construction.

Sollingen SDB consists of a steel doors 9 mm thick whole surface is coated with stainless steel plate, and a cupboard (cabinet) which is made of sturdy steel plate coated with a rust-resistant paint. For good security, each door is equipped with a hinge-in that heavy-duty that can not be reached from the outside. Cabinets (cabinet) is modular and can be stacked in the form of section, and strung through the holes that have been available for ease of installation. Sollingen SDB can be positioned with a meeting room wall repertoire, so that more efficient use of space.

All SDB box equipped with double nose locks, key changeable (UL listed) which can only be opened when the key (guard lock and key customer) is available. This key can be reset in case of customer turnover or loss of keys. Key surfaces (nose) coated with a layer of chrome that looks similar to the surface of the door.

Box numbers
Numbers box made of stainless steel plate with a surface which has been rubbed shiny like a mirror. So that in line with the door surface and keys that also have the same finish.

SDB Base 
Designed of steel pipe a box of heavy-duty, stainless-steel and coated in order to match the plaid SDB.

Box bond
Box bond is a box where customers can put valuables which where later, the box is saved in the safe deposit box (safe deposit box). This box is made of steel plate and coated with a layer of enamel powdercoating color light gray. On the surface of the lid box, printed logo Sollingen. Boxes are available in 3 sizes: 3"x10", 5"x10" and 10"x10".

Pull-out shelf
Pull-out shelf is provided as an option for ease of use SDB box. This rack is designed with sturdy rails of steel plate and double heavy-duty, and coated with stainless-steel material that looks similar. If it is not desired by the customer, then these shelves will be replaced with a dummy frame to the same height and covered with a stainless steel plate so it still looks beautiful.